Renovation at Irwin Elementary

Crosby Construction has been awarded an ambitious renovation project at Irwin Elementary School in Fort Wayne.

The $3.6 million renovation will encompass a 35,000-square-foot area and include a new HVAC system, water and sewer lines, electrical service, communication system, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-approved elevator and exterior concrete access ramps. A new administration area, windows, doors, wall and floor finishes, and ceilings will be also be included in the project.

This is a two-phase project with a completion date for the first phase August 2014 and the second during the summer of 2015.

Located at 3501 South Anthony Boulevard, Irwin Elementary is part of Fort Wayne Community Schools. Built in 1927, the school is named for John S. Irwin, who served as superintendent of Fort Wayne Community Schools from 1875 to 1896.