Fort Wayne Big Dig?

No, it’s not the entrance for the Fort Wayne Tunnel project. The Smith Road lift station is, however, part of the Fort Wayne infrastructure upgrades. The project consists of a poured-in-place concrete lift station that receives raw sewage from an existing 21-inch gravity-fed sanitary sewer pipe that runs east and west along Lower Huntington Road. The raw sewage will be intercepted and diverted through a precast concrete diversion structure and flow under Lower Huntington Road through a 24-inch PVC sewer pipe into a 28-foot-by-12-foot-by 26-foot deep combined lift station/valve vault that is situated on the east side at the junction of Smith and Lower Huntington roads. Raw sewage will then be pumped from the lift station using two 8-inch 90-horsepower submersible pumps each capable of delivering 2,800 gallons per minute at 76 feet total dynamic head (TDH) back across lower Huntington Road through a 12-inch forced main that ties into a recently installed main that runs north and parallel along Smith Road.