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Submerged Attached Growth Reactor (SAGR) Systems

Innovative SAGR systems are the perfect solution for smaller communities—with smaller budgets—needing to upgrade their lagoon-style wastewater treatment facilities to meet stringent EPA quality standards for ammonia removal, even in cold weather.


The biggest problem with lagoon-cell wastewater-treatment facilities is that they weren’t designed to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s increasingly stringent standards for ammonia removal, especially when the temperature drops during Midwestern winters. Unfortunately, the cost to build a new mechanical wastewater-treatment plant is beyond the reach of many smaller communities.


That’s why Nexom of Winnipeg, Canada, developed the Submerged Attached Growth Reactor (SAGR) wastewater-treatment system. SAGR is the efficient, cost-effective solution that enables smaller communities to retain their lagoon-cell facilities
and meet EPA standards year-round.


Crosby Construction is the first and only company to install SAGR systems in Indiana. The cost to create a SAGR-based
wastewater-treatment facility is much less than the cost to build a new mechanical plant and each system depends
on the size and number of lagoon cells a community operates.


SAGR: a simple innovation









Performs in cold climates


SAGR is perfect for post-lagoon nitrification in severe cold to moderate climates where water temperatures can be below
0.5°C for extended periods of time. Municipal effluent quality at <0.5°C water temperature:







Easy to operate and maintain






Efficient and cost-effective
An estimated energy savings of 50 percent compared with the cost to run blowers for a conventional aerated lagoon system.


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